A Chinese translation of Effective Perl Programming

I mentioned a long time ago that a Chinese translation of Effective Perl Programming was in the works, and apparently it’s done. Someone sent me a copy of the Chinese version of the book. I can’t tell you who did it (if it’s you, let me know) and I don’t know where you can buy it (if you know, let me know). Also, I don’t know what I want to do with the copy that I have. I don’t read Chinese, so I can’t really read the book to see how well it translates, and I don’t want to keep the book as a trophy. Does someone else want the book? Is there a Chinese Perl event that would like to give it away as a prize? I’ll get Josh and I to sign it and send it along.

2021 Update A reader wrote to me to note that the name of the book is “Perl高效编程” from Pearson Education, Inc. and Post&Telecom Press publishing as Addison Wesley. It’s on TaoBao from various sellers.

Try the Safari Books iPad application (well, not yet)

After I started writing this, which I’ve been working on off and on this month, the Safari To Go app disappeared from the US iTunes Store. I’ll update this review when the re-release fixes the issues involved. Some of the speed issues might be related to its apparent pre-release status. The Safari Books team alludes to this in a blog post. Until then, you can use the mobile interface to the main Safari web site.

Safari Books Online now has an free iPad app that allows you to read Effective Perl Programming quite nicely on your iPad. The output looks much nicer than the Kindle or iBooks versions, although the interface is not as nice as reading a bookmarked PDF file in a general PDF reader. The app isn’t mobile interface to the main Safari web site, but it’s not much more than that. Most of the features seem to be an interface to the main site though. Continue reading “Try the Safari Books iPad application (well, not yet)”

Read Effective Perl Programming on the Safari Books Online mobile site

You can read Effective Perl Programming in the Safari Books Online mobile site, and it looks pretty nice. One of the advantages of Safari Books Online is that you don’t have to buy individual books. You have access to all of the books for a subscription fee. It’s even better if you get your company to buy an enterprise subscription for you and everyone you work with. Continue reading “Read Effective Perl Programming on the Safari Books Online mobile site”

Do you want extra Effective Perl in Safari Books?

We’re looking for some reader feedback. You can comment here, send us mail, reply on Twitter, skywrite your message in Chicago (please send us a link to that video in case we miss it), or come up to us at a conference.

We’re thinking about writing an extra, bonus chapter of Effective Perl Programming for Safari Books Online. We’re having fun providing lots of free, extra content on this website, but we thought we might do something nice for those you also paid to get online access to our book. Continue reading “Do you want extra Effective Perl in Safari Books?”

Effective Perl Programming is in PDF and ePub

I just found out that Effective Perl Programming is available in digital formats through eBooks.com. They have a PDF version and an ePub version, each for $US31.99, which, sadly, is more than the hard-copy price of $US26.39 on Amazon.com and the Kindle price of $US17.59. Continue reading “Effective Perl Programming is in PDF and ePub”

A Chinese translation of Effective Perl Programming is in the works

There’s a Chinese translation of _Effective Perl Programming_ in the works. I don’t know when it will be available: the translation will take some time, then the publisher has to put it on paper, then it has to show up in stores. I don’t have any details on where or how you can buy the translation. If you know those, please let us know and we’ll post the details here (even using your referral link).

However, if you’re reading this directly, the Chinese edition might not matter to you. :)

If you know about any other translations, tell us about those too. Often the author doesn’t find out about them until they get a copy, if they ever get a copy.

Effective Perl free sample chapter: Files and Filehandles

Addison-Wesley converted our chapter on “Files and Filehandles” to HTML and put it online for as a free sample chapter. I selected this chapter as the free sample because it was the most fun to write but also the most valuable to new Perl programmers. Filehandles are the way you interact with the world, and using them wisely can give your program quite a bit of flexibility and make many tasks much easier.

Here’s the list of Items from that chapter, each of which you can read for free online:

We’ve also added more Items for “Files and Filehandles” in this blog, which you can also read for free. However, don’t forget about that Donate button on the right had side of the page if you find this site valuable. Or, buy our book and encourage all your friends to buy our book. Donations and book sales give us a little motivational boost to keep going. :)