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Avoid perl housekeeping for hot loop optimization

David Golden gave a talk at The Perl Conference 2017 where he showed Real World Optimization for the MongoDB Perl driver. He spoke about many big performance gains and you can watch the talk for that, but at the end he talked about various micro-optimizations. Small gains in “hot loops” (code that executes many, many […]

Profile with Devel::NYTProf

Profile before you decide where to optimize—you might be surprised where you’re losing all of your performance. We won’t go into all the details of profiling in this Item, but you can read about those in Mastering Perl. In short, profilers count something then report the results. They can track any of the things that […]

Don’t make Perl do more work than it needs to

My choice of algorithms and data organization can lead to orders of magnitude of performance differences between functionally equivalent implementations of my programs. Choosing the right way to do something can save me orders of magnitude in processing. I wrote some code to loop over lines in a file and modify a couple of elements […]

Detect regular expression match variables in your code

In Item 33: “Watch out for match variables”, you found out that the match variable $`, $&, and $` come with a performance hit. With all of the module code that you might use, you might be using those variables even though you didn’t code with them yourself.

Compare dates as strings when you can.

Just because you find a module that does something doesn’t mean that you have to use it. There are many excellent date and time modules on CPAN, including most people’s favorite, DateTime. In your heady rush for program purity and elegance, don’t think that you always have to use objects to do your work. Sometimes […]