Modify XML data with XML::Twig

If you need to deal with XML, first, we’re very sorry. Maybe you did something wrong if a previous life, such as munging XML with regular expressions. If you do better in this life, perhaps you won’t have to deal with XML in the next one. That right thing might be using XML::Twig, a powerful package for walking an XML tree, each part of which is a twig. For the rest of this Item, I’ll just call the module Twig. Continue reading “Modify XML data with XML::Twig”

Process XML data with XML::Twig

People often reach for regular expressions to extract and rearrange information in XML documents. Those usually only work for the limited test cases people specifically target, but are really little time-bombs waiting to go off when the data or the format changes even slightly. The bomb often explodes after the original programmer has disappeared. Continue reading “Process XML data with XML::Twig”