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Strip leading spaces from here-docs with v5.26

Perl v5.26 allows you to indent heredocs, that special multi-line string quoting mechanism. In v5.24 and earlier, the content of any here-doc included the entire line with any leading whitespace might be there. That meant you typed here-docs in a way the broke the indention of the block that contained them. Perl 6 envisioned a […]

Perl v5.26 new features

Perl v5.26 has lots of improvements and some big changes with module loading. This might be the most backward-incompatible version this decade! As with any new perl, try it before you commit to it. You don’t want to install it over your currently working perl to later find out something doesn’t work.

Don’t use named lexical subroutines

Lexical subroutines are a stable feature starting with v5.26 Perl v5.18 allows you to define named subroutines that exist only in the current lexical scope. These act (almost) just like the regular named subroutines that you already know about from Learning Perl, but also like the lexical variables that have limited effect. The problem is […]