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We’re keeping track of your suggestions for future Items. We’re not committing to any deadline for any of these Items, especially since it might take us quite a bit of work and research to write about them. If you really want to motivate us, you might commission a topic so we have the time to do the work without going to debtors prison.

If you suggest a topic that we use in an Item, you might get a free eBook version of Effective Perl Programming. Oh, and you get to read about your topic. :)

11 thoughts on “Item Wish List”

  1. hello,
    I have already bought Effective Perl Programming from Amazon (i’m wainting for it).

    I would like to read a simple introduction to OOP in Perl (not to OOP at all, but to OOP in Perl: simply the sintax with Moose).

    I have tried to read

    But it isn’t so simple.

    I have also read Damian Conway book and it is clear, but it is already old. It was write before Moose a Perl 6…

    Just a suggestion,
    thank you! :wink:

    1. The book you are looking for is Intermediate Perl, which covers the basics of standard Perl object-oriented programming. Damian’s book is still good for Perl 5 if you aren’t working with Moose. Perl 6 is a different matter, which we’re also not covering here.

      There are plenty of tutorials for Moose, and you might want to check out more parts of the manual that Dave Rolsky has provided. There’s probably not going to be a lot of Moose on this website since it’s a big subject and the topics need some significant space to explain them to my satisfaction. Writing a Moose book is not on my to do list, at least for a very long time.

      In general, we’re not going to cover topics here that are already effectively covered elsewhere. That’s been a goal with all of my books. There is very little overlap between Learning Perl, Intermediate Perl, Mastering Perl, and Effective Perl Programming. That way, you aren’t paying for the same thing twice and the writers aren’t duplicating effort.

  2. hello, I have already read Intermediate Perl (not Mastering Perl) and it had some chapters about OOP in Perl blessing some objects… but it doesn’t cover Moose arguments.

    So, while I’m able to programming OOP in PHP, Java, and Javascript also… at this moment I’m not able to program OOP in Perl.

    If you have a link with a simple (but complete) introduction to Moose, I will very glad…

    Thank you!


  3. Hello brian,
    I really would like to read how CPAN module installation exactly works.

    I read the CPAN chapters on your book, and I like them. congratulation for your work.

    But I would like to read what exactly happens when a module is installed.

    Fore example:
    what does it succeeds when I type:
    install WWW::Mechanize ?

    where is the module downloaded?
    where are located the tests to be executed?
    where are they builded?
    and where they are finally located…

    Can I re-produce that behaviour manually?

    And if I would download, for some reasons, the package manually and if I would to run manually, that is the correct behaviuor?

    Thank you, Brian :smile:

  4. hello,
    i very like to see an ‘Effective Web Programming’ section:

    -preface: Old times: when CGI ruled the web

    -the state of the art: PSGI and Plack

    -overview of frameworks that permit you to use PSGI

    -the importance of TemplateToolkit

    -deployment of web application

    -security of web application

    thanks a lot!


    PS: i’ll be very happy to receive a free copy of the e-book!

    1. I won’t cover web frameworks in this blog. It takes quite a bit of writing to get to anything useful since it’s such a big topic with so many things to understand in even the simplest examples. The docs for Mojolicious are pretty good so just use that. :)

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