Do you want extra Effective Perl in Safari Books?

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We’re thinking about writing an extra, bonus chapter of Effective Perl Programming for Safari Books Online. We’re having fun providing lots of free, extra content on this website, but we thought we might do something nice for those you also paid to get online access to our book.

Before we commit to too much, we’d like to find out a little bit about our readers to make sure it’s worth it:

  • How many of you are reading Effective Perl Programming through Safari?
  • Does your company provide you with an unlimited Safari account?
  • If we added bonus material, would you be more likely to buy our book in Safari?
  • If you don’t want to use Safari, would you be more likely to buy another e-book format with extra content?
  • If you aren’t reading our book in a digital form, why not? Is there anything that would change your mind?

We’re still going to pump out more Effective Perler tips and techniques for free (It’s already August and we’ve done at least one significant post per week this year!).

2 thoughts on “Do you want extra Effective Perl in Safari Books?”

  1. . I bought the book, but my current company provide me with 10 slots on Safaribooksonline, and I have also your book.
    . Just 10 slots, nothing too new though
    . More is always better the good news is that your book is also in HTML for viewing, I don’t like flash book (too slow to browse), so if it is in HTML for good, why not
    . I would like some add-on on different media, why not through the Perl review ? (that would create some traction, maybe not)

  2. I read it through Safari online (we have 5-concurrent user unlimited account where I work).

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