Perl 5.22 new features

The first Perl 5.22 release candidate is out and there are some new operators and many enhancements to regular expressions that look interesting, along with some improvements that don’t require any work from you. Some of the features are experimental, so be careful that you don’t create problems by overusing them until they settle down.

You can download the Perl source from CPAN. For Windows, Strawberry Perl 5.22 should be available once there’s an official release.

New features

Regex enhancements

3 thoughts on “Perl 5.22 new features”

  1. : Hexadecimal floating point values. WTF?

    Hi there, Brian :-)

    You know, those floating point values you have been using for all these years? Lies, all lies. They really are just bits. And since they are bits, they can be output as hex.

    (On a more serious level: feature parity with C99 and Ruby: printf %a)

  2. I guess that you’d would be one of the people who can read hexadecimal floating point numbers. But, you know that all the other numbers are bits too. :)

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