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Use Git::CPAN::Patch to make quick patches to CPAN distributions

The Git distributed version control system is very popular in with Perlers, and even if you aren’t using it for your own project, you should know how to do simple things with it so you can interact with the most active parts of the community. It’s not that hard. Not only that, many Perl projects […]

Locate bugs with source control bisection

As you work in Perl you store each step in source control. When you finish a little bit of work, you commit your work. Ideally, every commit deals with one thing so you’re only introducing one logical change in each revision. Somewhere along the process, you might discover that something is not working correctly. You […]

Manage your Perl modules with git

In Item 110: Compile and install your own perls, you saw how to install multiple versions of perl and to maintain each of the installations separately. Doing something with one version of Perl doesn’t affect any of the other versions. You can take that a step further. Within each installation, you can use a source […]