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Specify octal numbers with the 0o prefix

Perl v5.34 allows you to specify octal literals with the 0o prefix, as in 0o123_456. This is consistent with the existing constructs to specify hexadecimal literal 0xddddd and binary literal 0bddddd. The builtin oct() function accepts any of these forms. Previously, you specified octal with just a leading zero: chmod 0644, $file; mkdir 0755, $file; […]

Perl v5.34 new features

Perl v5.34 is scheduled to come out in May. Here’s what you can look forward to: Specify octal numbers with the 0o prefix Experimental try-catch syntax The no-minimum {,m} regex quantifier Add insignificant space in brace constructs, such as \x{…} and {n,m} And, I’ll update the Perl New Features for v5.34 too.