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Avoid modifying scalars connected to string filehandles

Since Perl 5.8, you can treat a string as a file (Item 54. Open filehandles to and from strings). You can open a filehandle, read from the string, write to the string, and most of the other things that you can do with a file. There are some gotchas though, when you deal with that […]

Use when() as a statement modifier

Perl 5.10 introduced the given-when statement, and Perl 5.12 refines it slightly by letting you use the when as a statement modifier. A statement modifier puts the conditional expression at the end of the statement (see perlsyn). You’ve probably already used many of these:

Watch out for side effects with `use VERSION`

To specify that you wanted to use at least a particular version of Perl, you specified that version with the use built-in: