A Chinese translation of Effective Perl Programming

I mentioned a long time ago that a Chinese translation of Effective Perl Programming was in the works, and apparently it’s done. Someone sent me a copy of the Chinese version of the book. I can’t tell you who did it (if it’s you, let me know) and I don’t know where you can buy it (if you know, let me know). Also, I don’t know what I want to do with the copy that I have. I don’t read Chinese, so I can’t really read the book to see how well it translates, and I don’t want to keep the book as a trophy. Does someone else want the book? Is there a Chinese Perl event that would like to give it away as a prize? I’ll get Josh and I to sign it and send it along.

2021 Update A reader wrote to me to note that the name of the book is “Perl高效编程” from Pearson Education, Inc. and Post&Telecom Press publishing as Addison Wesley. It’s on TaoBao from various sellers.

2 thoughts on “A Chinese translation of Effective Perl Programming”

  1. Hello I am one of the translators of Chinese version for your book :)

    Personally I make the 2nd chapter’s translation, it’s really effective tricks, I like it and as far as I know it’s very appreciated at BeiJing Perl Conference, 5 copies delivered to speakers as memorial gifts. It defeats other free books at this event.

    Next time, please be prepared if you are visiting BeiJing/China, we are longing to share the Perl wisdom with us.

  2. Hi Brain, I am new to Perl programming, and your post of ‘Process XML data with XML::Twig’s sounds interesting, I would like to know more about perl. I will really appreciate if I could have the Chinese version of Effective Perl programming which you couldn’t read… :grin:

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