Find a module’s release managers

The CPAN ecosystem is more than just a way to share your code with other people. It’s also a way to let other people collaborate on the code and to help you release it. In Item 70. Contribute to CPAN, you saw how to upload your work to the Perl Authors Upload Server (PAUSE). There’s a lot more that you can do through PAUSE, though. Even if you aren’t a CPAN author, you can use PAUSE to find out more about a module’s authors and comaintainers. Continue reading “Find a module’s release managers”

Force install a module to reinstall it

[This is a midweek bonus Item since it is so short]

I recently bought the new MacBook Air, which means my solid state device has over four times the storage as my old MacBook Air. For the first time, I used Apple’s migration tool to transfer everything from the old one to the new one. It even transferred my perl installations, and I thought that would be fine. It mostly is, except for some compiled modules that cause strange, new errors. Programs don’t load correctly, modules don’t compile, and things go horribly wrong when running test suites. Continue reading “Force install a module to reinstall it”