Hide namespaces from PAUSE

The Perl Authors Upload Server (PAUSE) is responsible for analyzing distributions on their way to CPAN. PAUSE indexes the distributions to discover the package names that it contains so it can add them to the data files that many of the CPAN clients use to figure out what to download to install the module that you request. It also compares the package names that it finds to a list of permissions it maintains. Continue reading “Hide namespaces from PAUSE”

Use a Task distribution to specify groups of modules

A Task distribution is like a normal Perl distribution in structure, but it doesn’t actually provide any code. It lists as pre-requisites all of the modules or distributions that you want to install so you can use a conventiional CPAN tool to install all of the dependencies. A Task is slightly different from the older way, a Bundle, but for most people and uses, a Task might be a better way. Continue reading “Use a Task distribution to specify groups of modules”

Find a module’s release managers

The CPAN ecosystem is more than just a way to share your code with other people. It’s also a way to let other people collaborate on the code and to help you release it. In Item 70. Contribute to CPAN, you saw how to upload your work to the Perl Authors Upload Server (PAUSE). There’s a lot more that you can do through PAUSE, though. Even if you aren’t a CPAN author, you can use PAUSE to find out more about a module’s authors and comaintainers. Continue reading “Find a module’s release managers”