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Perl 5.20 new features

Perl 5.20 is out and there are some nice syntax changes that make life easier for Perlers, along with some improvements that don’t require any work from you. Some of the features are experimental, so be careful that you don’t create problems by overusing them until they settle down. You can download the Perl source […]

Perl 5.18 new features

Perl v5.18 is out and there are some major changes that you should know about before you upgrade. Most notably, some features from v5.10 are now marked experimental. If you use those features, you get warnings. You can download the Perl source from CPAN. For Windows, Strawberry Perl 5.18 is available now.

Perl 5.16 new features

The Perl 5 Porters are currently working on Perl 5.15, the development track that will end up as Perl 5.16. By reading the perldelta515* documentation, you can get a peek at what will mostly likely be in the next maintenance version of Perl. You need to read each of the perldelta5* in a development series […]

Perl 5.14 new features

The Perl 5 Porters released 5.14. By reading the perldelta51[34]* documentation, you can see what’s new in this maintenance version of Perl. David Golden, one of the Perl 5.13 release managers, put together what he’s calling the perldeltadelta, which is just the most interesting bits of the longish perl*delta files for Perl 5.13, the experimental […]

Perl 5.12 new features

Perl 5.12.1 is out, which is the sign that it’s time for normal users to pay attention to it: that first point release should have sanded down all the rough edges. As usual, the complete list of major changes is in the perldelta5.12.0 documentation, we’ll cover some more of the interesting features in The Effective […]

Perl 5.8 features

Perl 5.8, mostly a release that improved much of the unseen things in Perl, did have some notable, user-visible features. Restricted hashes with Hash::Util (5.8.0) Use to affect all programs (5.8.7) PerlIO is now the default (5.8.0)

Perl 5.10 new features

Perl 5.10 introduced many new features that had built up over the years. Some of these we covered in the book, but we’ll cover some of those that we neglected. It might take us some time to get around to them all, but we’ll eventually make it. If you want to read about some sooner […]