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Perl 7 is coming

Perl 7 is coming. In short, it’s v5.32 with different defaults. No new features, no fewer features. Different settings. Sawyer X envisions a release within the next year, maybe sooner. I’ve made an announcement and written a provisional book on what you need to do. Many of the features and tips I’ve already written about […]

Effective Perler discounts during OSCON

I’ll be at OSCON on Tuesday, July 17, but you don’t have to find me to get up to 37% off Effective Perl Programming. That’s a slightly lower price than Amazon. To get that discount, you have to buy the book at Pearson’s booth in the exhibition hall. You’ll need to track me down on […]

The Effective Perler in 2012 and beyond

Two years ago, Josh McAdams and I started The Effective Perler as an extension of the second edition of Effective Perl Programming. Since then, roughly once a week, we added one meaty Item a week. Last month, we published our 100th Item. With the 120 Items in the book, that’s a lot of items.

A Chinese translation of Effective Perl Programming

I mentioned a long time ago that a Chinese translation of Effective Perl Programming was in the works, and apparently it’s done. Someone sent me a copy of the Chinese version of the book. I can’t tell you who did it (if it’s you, let me know) and I don’t know where you can buy […]

Some special Unicode shell aliases to normalize strings

If you are playing with Unicode, you’re probably going to want to convert to the various normalization forms. There are some programs to do this in the Unicode::Tussle distribution, but you can also create some one-liners to do this as well (Item 120. Use Perl one-liners to create mini programs).

Find dates with Regexp::Common

[This is a mid-week bonus item] Suppose you want to find some dates inside a big string. The problem with dates is that there are some many ways to write them, and even if you can come up with a pattern to get the structure right, can you handle the different locales and languages that […]

Use Regexp::Common to find locale-specific dates

[This is a mid-week bonus item, and it’s a bit of a departure from much of what you have already seen on this blog. This is just some code that I had to write this week and I thought you’d like to see it.] I had to find some dates inside a big string, and […]

The Effective Perler in 2010

The second edition of Effective Perl Programming came out toward the middle of the year, but we started this blog much sooner. We had mostly finished the principal writing and were in the editing process so we had some extra time to cover some of the extra material that didn’t make it into the book.

Perl 5.14 adds non-destructive transliteration

[This is a mid-week bonus item since it’s so short] In Perl 5.13.2, you got a non-destructive version of the substitution operator (Use the /r substitution flag to work on a copy). Instead of changing it’s target, the non-destructive version returns a new string that has the substitution.

Force install a module to reinstall it

[This is a midweek bonus Item since it is so short] I recently bought the new MacBook Air, which means my solid state device has over four times the storage as my old MacBook Air. For the first time, I used Apple’s migration tool to transfer everything from the old one to the new one. […]